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Learn To Speak French – Lesson 7 – Verb Manger (to eat) and the partitive articles

some: du (m) or de la (f)

Je mange du fromage.
I’m eating (some) cheese.

Tu manges de la salade.
You’re eating some salad.

Il mange du pain.
He’s eating bread.

Elle mange du chocolat.
She’s eating some chocolate.

Elle mange du gâteau.
She’s eating (some) cake.

Nous mangeons de la viande.
We’re eating meat.

Vous mangez du poisson.
You’re eating fish.

Ils mangent de la pizza.
They’re eating (some) pizza.

Elles mangent du dessert.
They’re eating (some) dessert.

Elle adore le gâteau.
She adores / loves (the) cake.

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  1. Joseph
    5 years ago

    Thank you for the refresher lessons.My french memories are still there .Plus!

  2. Nthabiseng
    5 years ago

    OOOH my goodness! this is great! I’ve been learning French but I didn’t know how and where to use “du” and “de” (ok, I thought it was “de” only). This website rocks!!!!!

  3. Maria
    5 years ago

    Thank you very much/ merci beaucoup!!!

  4. william
    5 years ago

    This is very useful for me thanks for the lessons.

  5. william
    5 years ago

    Thank you for teaching me this it will be very useful when I to France.

  6. jack
    5 years ago

    I agree with Maxine .I found this lesson to be really informative.Thank you for breaking things down
    the way you do.

  7. Maxine B
    5 years ago

    This lesson really clarified “du” and “de la” for me. For all the time I’ve been learning French ( I won’t admit how long), I never really “got it” that “du” and “de la” mean “some”. Thank you for making this so understandable.

  8. Michelle
    5 years ago

    So far so impressed, I am trying out your mini lessons and have previously done another French course but none have bothered to explain why there is du and de la etc,they usually leave you to ‘get it’ by the context forgetting that this is not so easy in a foreign language.

    I am slowly getting hooked……..

  9. Yusuf
    5 years ago

    I like the way jefrench teaching me French lessons
    merci beaucoup jefrench.

  10. yoseph
    5 years ago

    merci beaucoup je appronde le francais bean