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Learn To Speak French – Lesson 7 – Verb Manger (to eat) and the partitive articles

some: du (m) or de la (f)

Je mange du fromage.
I’m eating (some) cheese.

Tu manges de la salade.
You’re eating some salad.

Il mange du pain.
He’s eating bread.

Elle mange du chocolat.
She’s eating some chocolate.

Elle mange du gâteau.
She’s eating (some) cake.

Nous mangeons de la viande.
We’re eating meat.

Vous mangez du poisson.
You’re eating fish.

Ils mangent de la pizza.
They’re eating (some) pizza.

Elles mangent du dessert.
They’re eating (some) dessert.

Elle adore le gâteau.
She adores / loves (the) cake.

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      Du is singular and des is plural.

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