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Learn The French Language – Lesson 9 – The accents on the letter e

L’accent aigu: é

Un café
A coffee

La télé
The T.V.

The summer

Les clés
The keys

L’accent grave: è

Le zèbre
The zebra

La chèvre
The goat

La bière
The beer

Le père
The father

La mère
The mother

L’accent circonflexe: ê

La forêt.
The forest

La pêche

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    Votre leçons sont trés interessants.

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    I will like to undertake Basic French lessons on my own. Do you have a package that I can download on my ipad and use at my convenience?

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    salut! Thanks for the lessions, it has really help me a lot. Adieu!

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    Je French thank u for everything but am confuse about French alot like how to see French words and pronounce them please help me!