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Beginner French – Subject Pronouns and the verb Aimer: To like or to love

Je t’aime.
I love you.

Tu aimes la guitare.
You like guitar.

Il aime le café.
He likes coffee.

Elle aime les desserts.
She likes desserts.

Présent simple

Tu aimes
Il aime
Elle aime
Nous aimons
Vous aimez
Ils aiment
Elles aiment

Nous aimons le foot.
We like soccer.

Vous aimez la musique.
You like music / the music.

Ils aiment le fromage.
They like cheese.

Elles aiment danser.
They like to dance.

Present tense

I like (or love)
You like
He likes
She likes
We like
You like
They like
They like (f)

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