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Basic French Lessons – Casual Greetings

Lesson Transcript


Comment allez-vous?
How are you?

Je vais bien. Et vous?
I am doing well. And you?

Ca va bien. Merci.
I am doing well. Thank you.

Comment vous appelez-vous?
What is your name?

Je m’appelle Jean.
My name is Jean.

Au revoir!

A bientôt!
See you soon!



Comment vas-tu?
How are you?

Très bien! Et toi?
Very well! And you?

Ca va.
I am doing well. I’m alright.

Comment t’appelles-tu?
What’s your name?

Je m’appelle Jean.
My name is Jean.


A plus!
See you!

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  1. Theresa
    5 years ago

    Is there an App for this. I love the pace and explanations. I want short doses of French & whenever I have time. What’s the best way to access your programs regularly?

    This will be a God-send for me – the short bursts & the fact that I can go over it as many times as I want. Wonderful!

  2. Jagdish
    5 years ago

    I have been learning French in a Conversation Class at my Senior’s Centre, which I reinforce with the use of JeFrench. I have read many French authors translated into English and would like to understand them in the original French language.
    I find it very difficult to follow spoken French on the news and am trying to improve my understanding of spoken French.