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Learn To Speak French – Lesson 7 – Verb Manger (to eat) and the partitive articles

some: du (m) or de la (f)

Je mange du fromage.
I’m eating (some) cheese.

Tu manges de la salade.
You’re eating some salad.

Il mange du pain.
He’s eating bread.

Elle mange du chocolat.
She’s eating some chocolate.

Elle mange du gâteau.
She’s eating (some) cake.

Nous mangeons de la viande.
We’re eating meat.

Vous mangez du poisson.
You’re eating fish.

Ils mangent de la pizza.
They’re eating (some) pizza.

Elles mangent du dessert.
They’re eating (some) dessert.

Elle adore le gâteau.
She adores / loves (the) cake.

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  1. Victoria Nnaji
    8 years ago

    Il fauit que on sait comme le utilise les mots du et de la en une phrase

  2. Johnny82
    8 years ago

    wow. very lovely :)

  3. Enas
    8 years ago

    J’adore your hard work on these videos JeFrench!
    Merci! :)

  4. hashim
    8 years ago

    thanks I am learning English and french in same time

  5. Mehdi
    8 years ago

    Dear Manager
    I enjoy using your site and am learning French in a good way.

  6. rober galo
    8 years ago

    god bless you..this lessons very advance….

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  8. Gyorgy Kandra
    9 years ago

    this is a pretty good lesson, it clarifies the basic use os partitive articles. íííthanks a lot.

  9. Nasreldin
    9 years ago

    Many thanks for nice guidance to learn french language
    I would like to know if you prepare lessons in engineering
    fields like petroleum engineering words and descriptions

    A plus tard


  10. Nour Rafik
    9 years ago

    Je ponse que la phrase” ils mange de la pizza “n’est pas correcte! Je ponse que la correction est la suivante ” ils mange du pizza. Pardonez moi !!!

    • JeFrench
      9 years ago

      Hi Nour! Thanks for stopping by. De la pizza is correct. We use “de la” because pizza in French is féminin: une pizza, la pizza. So we use the feminin partitive article “de la” (instead of du). Je mange du pain. Je mange de la pizza. Thank you for commenting. This gives me the opportunity to clarify things and help everyone.