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Online French Lessons – Part 5 – Plural of Nouns and Articles

Just like in English, the plural in French is usually marked by an S at the end of the word. But it is silent. The article will also change in the plural form.

Le and la become les. Un et une become des.

une tasse
a cup

une carte
a card

la banane
the banana

la femme
the woman

une fille
a girl

un citron
a lemon

la pomme
the apple

la voiture
the car

une fleur
a flower

une chaussure
a shoe

des tasses

des cartes

les bananes
the bananas

les femmes

des filles

des citrons

les pommes
the apples

les voitures
the cars

des fleurs

des chaussures

The plural in French can sometimes be marked by a x at the end of the word.  This is true for nouns ending in eu, eau and  au.

un bateau
a boat

un neveu
a nephew

des bateaux

des neveux

For a more detailed and advanced version of this lesson, please see our weekly lessons series.

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