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French Lesson 1 – Greetings




Je m’appelle Pierre.
My name is Pierre.

to call

I call…

Je m’appelle…
I call myself…

Je m’appelle…
My name is…

Je m’appelle Pierre.
My name is Pierre.

Nice to meet you!

Comment allez-vous?
How are you?

to go

Je vais bien.
I am doing (going) well.

Vous allez bien.
You are doing well.

Comment allez-vous?
How are you?

Je vais bien. Merci.
I am doing well.Thank you.

Et vous?
And you?

Je vais très bien.
I am doing very well.

Très bien. Merci.
Very well. Thank you.

A bientôt!
See you soon!

Au revoir!


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  1. maha
    4 days ago

    bounjour…… u r such a very good teacher..

  2. Alam
    3 weeks ago

    Sir.. Very good.

  3. Farzane
    4 weeks ago

    Bonjoure Mosio… Merci

    You are great teacher…

  4. Hama
    1 month ago

    This website is very helpfull to learn french.

  5. Julie
    2 months ago

    These are great, are they available as podcasts?

  6. Thakor
    2 months ago

    I had learnt french before coming to Canada. That was crash course of one month at Univercity in India. I could not become confident but I grasped french a little and wish to go in detail and want to practice much. I looked around and tried various website but I now realized that JE FRENCH is the only very well designed and very helpfull. So let me reivse from the start and wish to go very farther so that I can enjoy a french movie too. I love french and now I love your site too. Thank you very much. And I think most part is free that is awsome. Thank you once again.

  7. Kanishq Kaushal
    2 months ago

    This website is very helpfull to learn french.

  8. vinod
    2 months ago

    C’est un bien lesson pour le debutant