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French Lesson 1 – Greetings




Je m’appelle Pierre.
My name is Pierre.

to call

I call…

Je m’appelle…
I call myself…

Je m’appelle…
My name is…

Je m’appelle Pierre.
My name is Pierre.

Nice to meet you!

Comment allez-vous?
How are you?

to go

Je vais bien.
I am doing (going) well.

Vous allez bien.
You are doing well.

Comment allez-vous?
How are you?

Je vais bien. Merci.
I am doing well.Thank you.

Et vous?
And you?

Je vais très bien.
I am doing very well.

Très bien. Merci.
Very well. Thank you.

A bientôt!
See you soon!

Au revoir!


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  1. William
    2 weeks ago

    It’s never too late to learn.

  2. William
    2 weeks ago

    I hope that I will be able to speak French when I grow up.

  3. Frank
    4 weeks ago

    i hope soon i’ll be able to speak and write French.

  4. Svetlana
    4 weeks ago

    Thank you! This is brilliant!

  5. Tran Minh Ngoc
    1 month ago

    Thank you for ur lessons. I just started the 1st one tonight but i really enjoyed it! Thank you for making them for the beginning learners like me. I will study one by one till i can speak French as well as English :).

    The website is really useful to me!


    A bientôt!

  6. Roz M
    2 months ago

    The lessons are easy and enjoyable. Its fun learning french from this site.

  7. Ronnielita M. Pajarillo
    2 months ago

    am happy for this lesson its easy to catch up the way the instructor saying the words. see you at the second lesson. thank you and god bless

  8. Aim
    3 months ago

    its great

  9. Anna
    3 months ago

    Thank you very much for all these video lessons. They are very useful and good for me as I am a beginner. I won´t have to look for another websites. I am so happy that I have found you!