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French Romance
Love Phrases in French: Flirting

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Love Phrases in French: Flirting. Enjoy in moderation! :)
Je te drague.
I am flirting with you.La drague.

Tu as de très beaux yeux.
You have very pretty eyes.

Je veux te revoir.
I want to see you again.

Vous êtes très jolie.
You are very pretty.
(formal, talking to a woman).

Vous êtes charmant.
You are charming.
formal, talking to a man)

Vous avez de beaux yeux.
You have pretty eyes. (formal)

Vous êtes charmant.
You are charming.
(formal, talking to a man)

Vous venez ici souvent?
Do you come here often?Vous voulez de la compagnie?
Would you like some company?

Appelles moi.
Call me.

Tu t’appelles comment?
What’s your name?

Laissez moi tranquille!
Leave me alone!

Embrasses moi.
Kiss me.

Mon coeur bat pour toi.
My heart beats for you.

Tu es superbe.
You look awesome.


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