Mini Lesson – I live in England

In this French lesson, we learn the verb vivre (to live) and and learn how to say: I live in England … I’m going to Canada… We learn when to use à, en, au and aux with countries and cities.

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Je vis à Paris.

I live in Paris.

Je vis à Lyon.

I live in Lyon.

For cities we use à for to and in.


to live / to reside

3rd group

Je vis (I)

Tu vis (You singular)

Il/Elle vit (He/She)

Nous vivons (We)

Vous vivez (You plural or formal)

Ils/Elles vivent (They)

Je vis en France.

I live in France.

La France

France (f)

Je vais en France.

I’m going to France.

la —>>> en

le —>>> au

les —>>> aux

(for countries)

le Canada

Canada (m)

Je vais au Canada.

I’m going to Canada.

Je vis au Canada.

I live in Canada.

Les Etas-Unis

The United States

Je vis aux Etas-Unis.

I live in the USA.

Je vais aux Etas-Unis.

I’m going to the USA.


Australia (f)

Je vis en Australie.

I live in Australia.

Je vais en Australie.

I’m going to Australia.

L’Angleterre (f)


Je vis en Angleterre.

I live in England.

Je vais en Angleterre.

I’m going to England.


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