Mini Lesson – He’s Going To The Doctor

French Lesson - He's going to the doctor

In this French lesson, we learn “chez” and how to use it to say I’m at home… She’s at Marie’s… He’s going to the doctor or dentist or I’m going to get a haircut.

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at/to somebody’s place

Je suis chez moi.

I’m home (at my place).

Elle est chez Marie.

She’s at Marie’s.

Il va chez le docteur.

He’s going to the doctor.

Il va chez le dentiste.

He’s going to the dentist.

Elle va chez le coiffeur.

She’s going to the hairdresser.

le coiffeur

the hairdresser – the barber

la coiffeuse

the hairdresser (f)

Comment allez-vous? (formal)

How are you?

Comment vas-tu? (casual)

How are you (going) doing?

Je vais bien.

I’m doing (going) well.

Elle va très bien.

She’s doing very well.

Je ne vais pas bien.

I’m not doing well.

Elle va mieux.

She’s doing better.



Comment ça va?

How are you doing/feeling?

Ca va mieux.

I’m doing/feeling better.

la cédille: ç

ca co cu (k sound)

ce ci ça ço çu (s sound)


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