French Audio Lessons
Useful Phrases in A French Restaurant
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Ordering in a restaurant is easy with these useful phrases in French.

Le menu s’ilvousplaît.
The menu please.

Je voudrais de l’eau.
I would like some water.

Je voudrais une bouteille de vin rouge.
I would like a bottle of red wine.

Je voudrais un verre de vin blanc.
I would like a glass of white wine.

Le plat du jour.
The special of the day.

La carte des vins.
The wine list.

Je sais ce que je veux.
I know what I want.

Une entrée.
An appetizer!!!!

Je voudrais un steak frites.
I would like a steak with fries.

Du poulet, du boeuf, du canard, du veau.
Chicken, beef, duck, veal.

Je voudrais une salade.
I would like a salad.

Je voudrais commander le poisson.
I would like to order the fish.

Je voudrais du fromage.
I would like some cheese.

Je voudrais un dessert.
I would like some dessert.

Du gateau, de la tarte, de la glace.
Cake, pie, ice cream.

L’addition, s’ilvousplaît.
The check please.

A 15% gratuity is always included in France and tips are not expected. Cheese and desserts are only ordered after the main course has been completed.